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One of the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a reminder of the importance of employee health and wellbeing and the role employers have in delivering a safe and healthy workplace. As a consequence, more employers are recognising the impact that a fit and healthy workforce means for their productivity, profitability and wider reputation.

This comes at a time when employees’ own awareness of the impact their job has on their health has never been greater. Occupational health providers play a pivotal role in helping employers to create healthier workplaces - with healthier employees.

When employers search for an occupational health provider, they will seek assurance that the service delivers on that promised. SEQOHS has provided assurance for more than a decade.

What SEQOHS means for you

SEQOHS is the industry standard for occupational health service delivery, used in both public and private sectors, by in-house and contracted services, and provides independent assessment of the provider using agreed standards of safety, effectiveness and quality. These standards were most recently revised and re-launched in 2023, with further emphasis on measures of outputs and value.

Being a SEQOHS accredited provider brings a wide range of benefits, including:

  • External validation of your processes, and outputs that deliver value to health and work.
  • Promoting continuous improvement through benchmarking.
  • Providing opportunities to showcase best practice.
  • A recognised badge of quality; use of the SEQOHS Accredited Service logo.
  • Your organisation listed on the SEQOHS website, with the facility from 2023 for purchasers to search for the services they need, to match with the services you provide, and where.

The accreditation pathway

SEQOHS registration gives you access to tools to identify any gaps, and templates to help you to fill them. Once your evidence is uploaded, SEQOHS will carry out assessments that will either lead to accreditation or identify key actions you need to take to achieve it. Once awarded, SEQOHS accreditation is valid for 5 years, with an annual review.

Are you eligible for SEQOHS?

To register with SEQOHS you must:

  • Be an Occupational Health service provider (this includes occupational health physiotherapy; there is no longer a separate category of occupational health physiotherapy providers)
  • Be based in the United Kingdom or Ireland.
  • Be established and operational for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Have access (employed or via contract) to an accredited specialist in occupational medicine, and employ a health professional registered with the relevant regulator (GMC, NMC, HCPC) and with a recognised qualification in occupational health in a senior leadership role.

How to register with SEQOHS

Please complete the OH registration form


A fee is charged annually to cover the costs of running and administering the scheme by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, which is a registered charity. Fees may be paid by quarterly instalments.

Details of the fees, and what they include, can be found here.

Contact us

If you have any questions about becoming a SEQOHS accredited provider, please contact the SEQOHS accreditation team:

Telephone +44 (0)203 116 6912


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