The accreditation pathway

  1. Registration

    To apply for SEQOHS accreditation, register online here.

  2. Self-assessment

    The provider undertakes self-assessment against the SEQOHS standards. SEQOHS provides an action planning tool if gaps are identified, as well as helpful evidence guides on the type of evidence that may be suitable and downloadable templates.

  3. SEQOHS assessment

    Once a provider has uploaded evidence for every standard to the webtool, SEQOHS undertakes  readiness checks and provides feedback if evidence needs to be strengthened. Following this, an online accreditation visit is arranged, after which there are internal quality assurance checks before the outcome1 is communicated to the provider.

  4. SEQOHS accreditation
    SEQOHS accreditation is awarded for 5 years, but annual checks will be made during that time to ensure that standards are being maintained. In the final year of accreditation, the provider can apply for reaccreditation.

1The outcome may be accreditation, or deferral to give the provider time to address some key actions, or a provider may be unsuccessful, in which case feedback is provided and support offered.

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